Whether you want help deciding the best ways to your monetize your data, using your data to improve operations or finding the best way to answer a specific questions, we are ready to deliver our big data expertise and the best analytics techniques available to make sure your data helps your organization create beautiful music.

Analytics Strategy

Our service programs are designed to maximize your ROI. For many organizations, “getting started” is the most difficult step as the data sets are large and numerous and the business issues or problems complex. Before focusing on a specific initiative, we recommend working with you to formulate an Analytics Strategy, if you don’t have one in place, that will help to pinpoint your most pressing problems:

    • Data Landscape. What data do you have available? Where is it located? Do you have existing data warehouses or data repositories? Are there new data sources you need to plan for or include? Are their confidentiality issues that must be addressed?
    • Analytic Landscape. What are your most pressing business issues or problems that analytics can help solve? Where can you derive the largest ROI? Are there quick wins? Are there processes that you believe analytics can improve but you are not sure how?
    • Organization Landscape. Do your key executives and decision-makers promote data-driven analytics? Is this a corporate objective? How do you illustrate ROI for every analytics project so that key players become evangelists and help to support adoption?

Analytics Audit

Once an Analytics Strategy is formulated and a specific problem is identified, we recommend an Analytics Audit.

Interesting Problems

Have a specific problem, questions or big chunk of data you need help with?  Tell us about your Interesting Problem.

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